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Butterfly Glayzer vs. Rozena Comparison Test Review

Battle of Butterfly's Budget Options

Butterfly Glayzer vs. Rozena

When it comes to table tennis rubbers, intermediate players often seek a balance between control and speed. While rubbers like the Butterfly Tenergy 05 or Dignics 09C offer exceptional speed, the Butterfly Glayzer and Rozena provide slower alternatives. Additionally, many players look for more affordable options from Butterfly. In this article, we will compare Glayzer and Rozena rubbers, highlighting their similarities and differences to help players make an informed decision.

The Butterfly Rozena was introduced first, while Glayzer is a new addition to Butterfly's rubber lineup in 2023. One notable difference between these two rubbers is their sponge hardness. Rozena features a softer sponge rated at 35° JPN, while Glayzer has a slightly firmer sponge rated at 38° JPN. This roughly translates to 48-49° on the ESN scale for Rozena and 50-51° ESN for Glayzer. The sponge colors of these rubbers also stand out, with Rozena having a pink sponge and Glayzer featuring a unique grey sponge, colors that have not been used in other Butterfly rubbers before. Looking at our sheets we were testing, Rozena came in at 64g uncut while Glayzer did weight 66g uncut, so almost the same for both at 1.9 mm sponge thickness.

Spin, Speed, and Control

When it comes to spin, both Glayzer and Rozena offer excellent performance in our test. The grippy topsheets on both rubbers enable players to generate substantial spin on their shots. However, due to its firmer sponge, Glayzer might feel a bit slower than Rozena but offers more control at the same time. Rozena on the other hand provides more spin due to its softer sponge but this might as well lead to a mushier feel on ball contact. In addition, the stronger catapult effect of its Spring Sponge is more difficult to control. This makes Glayzer better suited for players who want more control, while Rozena caters to those who prioritize spin and speed. In general, you can think of Glayzer being a tamed down version of Dignics 05, while Rozena is more similar to Tenergy 05 in terms of playing characteristics.

In terms of ball trajectory, Glayzer tends to produce a flatter trajectory compared to Rozena. This characteristic makes it suitable for players who rely on topspin drives and aggressive shots. On the other hand, Rozena's softer sponge helps to lift the ball more easily, making it an excellent choice for players who frequently encounter underspin balls and need to lift them over the net.

Topsheet Differences

The topsheets of Glayzer and Rozena also exhibit some variations. Glayzer's topsheet is slightly harder, allowing for a crisper feel and enhanced precision during shots. This makes it more suitable for players who prioritize a solid and direct impact on the ball. Rozena, with its slightly softer topsheet, provides a more forgiving feel and better dwell time. This characteristic makes it easier to generate spin and control the ball, particularly for players still refining their technique.

Playing Styles

When it comes to specific playing styles, Glayzer excels in fast rallies, making it a preferred choice for players who rely on aggressive attacking styles close to the table with less emphasis on spin. In addition, Glayzer is also very effective in pushing and blocking, due to its harder sponge which helps to keep the ball on the table without having to worry about it to shoot away too fast or too high.

On the other hand, Rozena shines in our review when opening up against backspin balls. The softer sponge helps the player lift the ball more easily, allowing for consistent topspin shots. This allows the player to also play great counter loop rallies from mid-distance. Just be aware that pushing and blocking might be a bit more difficult due to Rozena's stronger catapult effect.


Choosing between the Butterfly Glayzer and Rozena largely depends on your playing style and preferences. Here's a recommendation based on different player types:

Fast, close to table, less spin: Glayzer

You value control over spin/speed: Glayzer

Block + push: Glayzer

Mid-distance counter loop rallies: Rozena

Spin-oriented game: Rozena

It's important to note that these recommendations serve as general guidelines, and individual preferences may vary. It is advisable to try out both rubbers before making a final decision, as personal feel and playstyle play significant roles in rubber selection.

Recommended Blades for Glayzer and Rozena

When it comes to selecting the right blade to pair with the Butterfly Glayzer and Rozena rubbers, several options stand out. Here are some recommended blades, each offering unique characteristics:

Butterfly Innerforce ALC

The Butterfly Innerforce ALC is an excellent choice for players seeking a balance between speed and control. With its Arylate Carbon (ALC) composition, this blade provides a soft and controlled feel while offering a moderate increase in speed. It offers good dwell time and precise ball placement, making it a suitable match for Glayzer and Rozena rubbers. If you're a fan of pro player Tomokazu Harimoto, also have a look at the Butterfly Harimoto ALC, which is only $20 more expensive but features the same materials and has a unique design featuring the Japanese national player's name and emblem. Biggest downside for both blades is that they are quite expensive at $160-$180.

Donic Original Exclusive Carbon

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly carbon blade, there is the Donic Original Exclusive Carbon which is an amazing blade for its price of only $35. It is made of 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon delivering great control and feel while not compromising on speed. If you are looking for more budget options, have a look at our article about the best budget table tennis blades on the market.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon

The Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon blade is a carbon-infused option that delivers increased power and speed. It offers a stiffer feel and greater trajectory for offensive play. The Ma Lin Carbon blade enhances the speed potential of the Glayzer rubber, allowing players to unleash powerful shots while maintaining good control. The Rozena rubber can benefit from the blade's power and provide a well-rounded game. The Ma Lin Carbon costs about $50.

Yasaka Sweden Extra

The Yasaka Sweden Extra blade is a non-carbon blade, providing a softer and more controlled playing experience. It offers excellent touch and feel, making it suitable for players who prioritize control and precision. The Sweden Extra blade works well with both Glayzer and Rozena rubbers, complementing their characteristics and allowing for greater control over shots and spin at only $35 price point.

Ultimately, the choice of blade depends on your playing style, preferences, and desired balance between speed and control. Whether you opt for the Innerforce ALC, Donic Original Exclusive Carbon, Ma Lin Carbon, or Sweden Extra, each blade offers its own unique characteristics that can enhance the performance of Glayzer and Rozena rubbers.


Based on our comparison, the Butterfly Glayzer and Rozena are both solid table tennis rubbers that cater to the needs of intermediate players seeking a balance between control and speed. While Glayzer offers slightly more control with its firmer sponge, Rozena provides enhanced spin and a softer sponge. Glayzer excels in fast drive strokes, blocking, pushing and is suitable for aggressive attackers playing close to the table. On the other hand, Rozena shines in topspin rallies away from the table. Its softer sponge also aids in lifting the ball when looping against underspin. Rozena's biggest downside is the increased catapult effect which might make blocking and pushing a bit more difficult compared to Glayzer.

Ultimately, the choice between Glayzer and Rozena depends on your playing style, preferences, and skill level. It is recommended to try out both rubbers and consider their individual characteristics to determine which one best suits your game. Remember, personal feel and playstyle play a significant role in rubber selection. Whichever rubber you choose, both the Butterfly Glayzer and Rozena offer exceptional quality and performance, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive table tennis experience. So go ahead, test their unique attributes, and unleash your skills on the table!

If you are looking for other rubbers in a similar price range, have a look at our article about intermediate table tennis rubbers which holds a list of alternatives around $30-$40 like Andro GTT 45, Nittaku Factive or Yasaka Rakza 7.

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